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Share a photo or video of your self-care activity, use the hashtag #mindfulmovement and tag us on Instagram @startechga or Facebook @Renaissance21.org to enter to win! We'll randomly select a winner each week. Winners get a small piece of swag to commemorate their participation in the movement (don't worry, the swag is all low-cost!).



How Your Pledges Help

Last year we had...

75+ participants in 7 different zip codes.

For a community-based grassroots organization like Star Tech Global Academy, that's pretty impressive! With your help we can beat those numbers!


We include this information in grants to show community awareness and engagement with the mission of STEM diversity. We aim to achieve this mission by providing cutting edge education and support to at-risk youth, providing pathways to STEM & STEAM careers. Below is a photo of the participants in an after-school workshop pre-pandemic.


Feel free to share this page with friends, family, or coworkers who may be interested!

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The Coder's Club at Garfield Teen Life Center 2019

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Donors also count as participants! Donations are welcome but definitely not required.


100% of donations go directly to program support. Star Tech Global Academy is a program under our 501(c)(3) Renaissance 21, EIN 26-0687369. All donations are tax deductible. You can donate using the button below.

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