All-in-one, Tailored, Mobile

We provide 100% of the necessary equipment, staff, training, resources, and support for cutting edge STEM education. We work with partner organizations (e.g., community centers, schools) with access to communities in need of STEM education and support, collaborate to tailor the curriculum to meet community needs and interests, and deliver the workshops on-site wherever needed. Partners can keep the tailored curriculum and training and we can help procure equipment to build in-house capacity. Grant funding and individual donations allow us to provide services completely free, as well as provide bus passes and meal service to students. We serve as an entry point into the pipeline for STEM diversity.

The Coders' Club

8-10 week workshop


The Coders' Club is a beginning website development course, tailored to both middle and high school learning levels, taught in our after-school clubs and in-school workshops. Students are given the opportunity to develop desktop and mobile sites for a small women- and/or minority-owned business in the local community. Students will learn the fundamentals of web design and software coding which will prepare them for further education and eventual careers in STEM/STEAM fields. Our workshops are tailored, all-in-one, and mobile - delivered on-site wherever needed. We work with the partner to customize the curriculum to the students' interests and needs, we provide all equipment necessary including mobile internet access, we provide bus passes and meal service for students, we hire and train teachers from the community (often STEM college students), or we can train and work with the teachers, program coordinators, or staff from the partner organization. Contact Us if interested!


1 day, 1 week, or 2 week workshop, customized modules to fit with your available time. Contact Us if interested!

STEAM Career Discovery

1-day speaking engagement from our roster of STEAM volunteers. Contact Us to your students to STEAM careers!

Tailored Curriculum

Contact Us to for fully customized curriculum to meet your needs!


Partner With Us 

Contact Us if interested in creating a workshop for your community, getting a new website made for a local small business or aspiring entrepreneur/artist, working with us as a volunteer or paid staff, or any other ways of partnering!



The Coders' Club at Garfield Teen Life Center

Star Tech Global Academy collaborated with education partner Garfield Teen Life Center to host a Coder's Club workshop in Fall 2019. Each student successfully completed a website for our local community partner Nevzat's Espresso, a minority-owned small business. Each student received a completion certificate and their completion rewards, pictured below. This program was made possible by our individual donors and our lead partners Nordstrom Cares and the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. You can view some of the student websites below!

Student Website 1   Student Website 2

The Coders' Club at Salinas, Ecuador

In a truly global endeavor, STGA collaborated with education partner New Hope International Foundation and community partner Salinas Yacht Club Foundation for Social Responsibility to host a Coder's Club workshop in Summer 2019 in Salinas, Ecuador. Consistent with the education partner's mission of gender equity, the workshop attendees spanned three generations of womxn. The curriculum was adapted and translated into Spanish to be taught by local teachers. We look forward to working with our Ecuador partners again!

The Coders' Club at Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets

In the Spring of 2018, Star Tech Global Academy worked with with education partner Peace for the Streets by Kids from the Streets (PSKS), an organization dedicating to supporting youth experiencing homelessness. The hardworking students successfully completed the workshop, creating websites for a local female- and minority-owned catering business, Tru Elegance. Each student received their completion certificate and completion reward. This program was made possible by our individual donors and our lead partners Nordstrom Cares and the City of Seattle Department of Neighborhoods. Below, a student presents her completed website to fellow students and special guests on the final day of the workshop.

PSKS Presentation 2 V2.jpg