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Smiling Kids in a Library


Custom Monthly Amount

If you'd like to enter a custom monthly amount, use the button below and click "Make it Monthly"

In-Kind Donation

We are happy to receive in-kind donations! Our needs include snacks, bus passes, storage, equipment, software, laptops, personnel, and more. If you are interested, please contact us to coordinate.


Monthly Donation

#SubscribeToChangeLives Is our new monthly subscription program!


Automate your Donations and get the following Subscriber Benefits:

    Annual Donation Summaries

Emailed at year-end. Helpful for tax writeoffs!

    Surprise Subscriber Perks e.g., stickers, buttons, merch. Care Packages typically sent out 1-3 times a year.

    Subscriber Discount: 10% off everything in the store. You need clothes and swag anyway! Why not get gear that spreads a good message and benefits youth programs?

    Make an Impact: Little bits add up to a lot! 10 people donating even $5/mo can provide bus passes for 10 students a year, 5 laptops, or fund 2 teachers' workshop stipends.

All subscriber benefits are optional. Don't worry, we get bulk discounts on all the swag so the vast majority of the money goes to programs. Plus, the swag helps spread awareness of the mission! 


Any amount is great! See the various suggested amounts below.

Bus Pass ($4.99/mo)

For the price of a latte ($4.99), your monthly donation will fund a bus pass for one student per year, providing transportation to the workshops.

Laptop ($9.99/mo)

For the price of a streaming subscription ($9.99), your monthly donation will fund a laptop for one student per year.

Teachers ($19.99/mo and up)

Teachers are a critical part of our workshops. We pay livable wages ($20/hr and up), and rely on community support to pay our teachers. Support at higher funding levels goes to teachers first.

Select your subscription amount below!

One-Time Donation

We love our donors! 100% of our donations go directly to program support. Our primary funding needs include supplies, equipment, and personnel. If you'd like more details on budget needs, feel free to contact us​! 

Star Tech Global Academy is a nonprofit initiative of the 501(c)(3) Renaissance 21. All donations are fully tax deductible. If you need additional documentation please feel free to contact us.

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