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Climate Justice Project

Climate Justice Project


​This series of free workshops introduces participants to the effects of climate change on their community and them personally, and builds resumes with hands-on projects that create local climate justice solutions.

Fall 2022 Workshop series is complete! Special thanks to Seattle Department of Neighborhoods and Seattle Parks & Recreation, and all the volunteers and attendees that made this possible! See the pics below!


Interested in a future workshop? You can use the signup form below to get notified about upcoming workshops. 

The Climate Justice Project at Garfield Teen Life Center Fall 2022
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The Climate Justice Project at Rainier Beach Community Center Fall 2022

Announcement Flyer

More Details

More Details

How to Attend

  • Each workshop is FREE. Participants are welcome to attend virtually from home or in-person from the COVID-compliant community locations. The dates for each location are on the flyer.

  • To attend Virtually, we use the Zoom video-calling platform. No software download is needed, you can "join meeting from the browser" (e.g., Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox).

  • The Zoom link and instructions for each workshop will be posted on this website and on the home page. Just go to and the link will be there.

Free Food + Swag + $400 in Rewards

  • Each location will have free pizza & deli snacks. Signups help us plan to have enough food.

  • For each location, participants who complete the hands-on projects will receive a tablet device with a $400 value.

  • Please note that there is a very brief survey we will ask you to complete during the workshop. The survey helps us learn how to improve the workshops, and that information is what helps keep this program free of charge.

Workshop Recording & Photography 

  • We plan to record each workshop so that others can get the same awesome information. By participating in the workshop, you are agreeing to the recording of the workshop.

  • We would also like to take some photos for us to share 1) with our funders so they can see the results of their support, and 2) on our website to inspire others to join.

  • Recordings will be posted on our website and made available to the community locations so that other community members will have access. 

  • If you have any questions concerns about this please feel free to contact us in advance. We want to co-create an inclusive and comfortable environment for all to participate.

Signup Form

Signup Form

Signups are FULL for the Climate Justice Project!


Please use the form below to get notified about our Spring Workshop!

Workshops are free. Signups help us plan for food & swag.

If you don't have an email account, you can put "N/A" in the email field. You can also visit and follow the steps to create a free email account.

How Will You Attend? Please contact us if this changes!

Signup Received. Thank You!

Please add it to your calendar!

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